We Roll Nori

How We Roll at WeRoll Nori

It’s always been my father’s long-time dream to own a restaurant, but it was difficult as an immigrant family. To realize this dream, my father, siblings and I decided to move out of California. In 2002, that’s when we were able to fulfilled his dream when we opened our first restaurant in Telluride, CO. It was during this experience where we saw how food brought culture and people together. This created an immense sense of joy and happiness for me and my family. Since then, my family and I opened nine restaurants in the Central States which includes: Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and North Dakota. We are grateful and blessed for the opportunities that other States have given us, but home has always been Los Angeles. It was time for us to come home.

It was in 2019 when my husband, Simon, and I first explored Westwood Village. This was when we fell in love with the energy and vibe this community offers. Ever since then this was where we imagined opening our first flagship in California. We would repeatedly make trips to the area to scout for prospective locations, and finally, an opportunity arrived. That’s when we decided to launch a new concept of modern and healthy dining in a fast paced environment.

At WeRoll Nori, we offer healthy meals for individuals who are searching for comfort food in a casual setting. No matter what time of the day, breakfast, lunch or dinner, our handmade comfort meals will satisfy all cravings. Our menu boasts an extensive array of offerings, which ensures a diverse selection. Currently, we are offering Onigiri, Hand Rolls, and Musubi catering to all patrons including those who are vegetarian.

Not only can you enjoy your meal here at WeRoll Nori, but we can also help make any special events more tasteful.

I hope to see you soon! Eat Fish. Eat Right. Be Bright!


Jenny & Simon

What is Onigiri?

Onigiri are Japanese rice balls, generally shaped in a triangle or a circle, and typically wrapped in seaweed. They have been eaten in Japan for over 2000 years and are a form of love and comfort. Not only are they easy to transport but they are indefinitely adaptable. We start off with a fresh pot of rice and fill them with an assortment of fillings, which makes them suitable for all patrons. They’re tasty and the possibilities are endless!  
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