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At WeRoll NORI, every hand roll is a testament to the art of freshness and authenticity. Crafted with precision and passion, our nori cradles a medley of flavors, sourced daily for optimum quality. Each bite offers a delicate balance of crisp nori and succulent fillings, inviting you to savor a true taste journey. Experience the warm embrace of friendly service and the promise of a freshly rolled delight every time you join us. Dive into a world where quality meets comfort, only at WeRoll Nori.

Appetizers, Soup, and Salad

Garlic Cucumber Salad $4.99
Gyoza $5.50
Miso Soup $2.50
Sushi Rice $2.50
Sea Salt Edamame $3.99

Hand Roll

Blue Crab Hand Roll $5.50
Blue crab with mayonnaise and sesame seeds.
Scallop Hand Roll $4.99
Scallop, house special spicy sauce, and sesame seeds.
Cucumber Hand Roll $4.00
Thinly sliced cucumber topped with sesame seeds.
Spicy Tuna Hand Roll $4.99
Chopped tuna, house special spicy sauce, and masago (smelt egg).
Baked Eel Hand Roll $5.50
Baked freshwater eel, house special eel sauce, and sesame seeds.
Tuna Hand Roll $4.99
Chopped tuna with sesame seeds.
Salmon Hand Roll $4.99
Salmon, house special spicy sauce, masago (smelt egg), green onions, and sesame seeds.
Yellowtail Hand Roll $5.50
Yellowtail, green onions, and sesame seeds.

Onigiri (Rice Ball) & Musubi

Beef Sukiyaki Onigiri $3.99
Chicken Curry Onigiri $3.99
Tuna Mayo Onigiri $3.99
Yum Yum Salmon Onigiri $3.99
Spam Musubi Onigiri $3.50
Blue Crab Onigiri $4.50
Baked Eel Onigiri $4.50
Plain Onigiri $2.75
Braised Egg Onigiri (Vegan Friendly) $3.49
Corn & Edamame Onigiri (Vegan Friendly) $3.49
Kimchi Onigiri (Vegan Friendly) $3.49
Shiitake Miso Onigiri (Vegan Friendly) $3.49


Bottle Fiji Water $2.50
Bottled Unsweetened Green Tea $3.00
Bottled Perrier Water $2.50
Bottled Unsweetened Hojicha $3.00
Pepsi Can $2.00
Home Make Soy Milk S $ 3.50 / L $4.50
Ramune $3.50
Iced Matcha $3.50
Soy Milk S $3.50 | L $4.50
Almond Milk S $3.50 | L $4.50



Sides & Extras

Ginger $1.00
Eel Sauce $1.00
Jalapeno $1.00
Ponzu Sauce $0.75
Pickled Daikon $1.00
Yum Yum Sauce $1.00
Wasabi $0.75
Sriracha $0.75
Yamagobi/Pickled Carrot $1.50


WeRoll Box $39.99
(Handroll, Edamame, Sashimi and Veg Roll) choice of handroll
1 Hand Roll + 1 Onigiri +4 pcs Sashimi + 5 pcs Sushi (Chef Choice) + 4 pcs Cucumber Roll + Edamame
Sushi & Sashimi Box Coming Soon
One Size. (8 pcs sushi (chef’s choice), 8 pcs sashimi (chef’s choice), 8 pcs cucumber roll, and edamame)
3 Onigiri Box $12.25
Onigiri and Pickled Daikon
3 Hand Roll Box $19.55
(Handroll, Edamame, Sashimi, and Cucumber Roll) choice
4 Onigiri Box $16.00
Onigiri and Pickled Daikon
5 Hand Roll Box $28.55
(Handroll, Edamame, Sashimi, and Cucumber Roll) choice
5 Onigiri Box $19.75
Onigiri and Pickled Daikon
7 Hand Roll Box $38.55
(Handroll, Edamame, Sashimi, and Cucumber Roll) choice


"Convenience of parking and the charming presentation, it's a place I'll certainly recommend and revisit, particularly for the scrumptious blue crab onigiri."

Trinny T. Los Angeles, CA

"The ambiance of the spot is lovely. Overall, the food was satisfying and reasonably priced. I'd definitely come again and would recommend giving this place a try!"

Michelangelo B. San Francisco, CA

"Service was very good. The scallop hand roll was so good! Onigiris could use a little more flavor but overall a small business we would visit again!"

Sabrina H. Glendale, CA

"I got the unagi onigiri which was delicious. Perfect texture rice and flavorful eel. The employees were all very nice. A much needed japanese spot in the area, will come again!"

Richard L. Los Angeles, CA


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